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Filename suggestion for playback files


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Matt,  Here is a suggestion.  Currently when playback files are created, you have no control of the filenames.  I would suggest that although the current filenames be the default, give us the option of selecting a different filename.  Here's the background on the request.

For 2017 (and several prior years) under S4, I sequenced EVERYTHING in SuperStar, and played EVERYTHING as intensity files.  Although the .sup files would have the revision date and letter for that revision (for example: Jingle Bells 2017-11-15a.sup), the .lms file that actually played was always Jingle Bells.lms (and corresponding .lcs and .lid files).  No matter how many revs I made during show season, the sequence that was in the show was always the same name.  In SuperStar it was easy to export to an existing file and use a whatever name I wanted.  With S5, we don't have a choice.  For example, if the .loredit file is Christmas Canon 2018-11-21a.loredit, they the playback files will be Christmas Canon 2018-11-21a.play.lms (and corresponding .lcs and .lid files).  That means that every time I make a change to a sequence during the season, I end up with different play file names and have to edit the Show in Show Editor (or change the filename in MIIP since I'm using that).  If we had a choice, I could always create playback files with the same name for each song.  Make sense?


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