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Comments based on 5.2.2 PRO

This is a b it of an annoying bug that I remember from last year but I didn't highlight it then, so I will now.

My points

  1. the "Add" button in this context is wrong, this is a modification so it should be a "change" or "modify"
  2. the error for selecting multiple days, needs handling better. I intentionally wanted to make a multi-day change (hence the clicker at the bottom being selected as such). 
    • When selecting multiple clickers at that point it should be highlighted "MULTIPLE DAYS SELECTED" - I personally would prefer this not be another popup, I would prefer the original dialogue box simply show up a red text warning or something like that (I hate to many clicks and nag boxes add at least one with their "OK" button)


On a similar point..... When we create a slot 5pm to 10pm for everyday of the week, that is a single operation but lets say I wanted to delete the slot 5pm to 10pm for some reason.... I have to open every single calendar items and delete it one at a time. Why, this doesn't make sense, nothing sticks till I press save anyway?


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As for your last point, it could be better, but when you create the same show for all days of the week, you are creating 7 separate show entries - hence the need to delete them individually.  If they were tied to each other, people would run into a problem of deleting or changing more than they expected.  Can’t make it perfect for every situation.

For the multiple day change, I attempt to remember to delete all the extra days first...


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Jim yes, maybe... That said - software can check for those things.

I only highlight stuff like this to make things better. My comments will and should be challenged - so thank you.

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