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I just want to take a bit to thank everyone who shares their seq. with whom ever asks. I have been doing this for  3 years now and when I started it was an eye opener to say the least, hours and hours that it takes to do just 1 song. It helps those of us that are fairly new to new get started and I have taken the many seq. that I have gotten and learned new tricks and able to fine tune the beat and such. Truly programing a song is an art and the more I learn the more fun it becomes. I am only 16 channels, I cant imagine hundreds and hundreds of channels but do see myself slowly expanding in the next couple years. I want to get into RGB but have no clue where and how to start. So thank you to all of you who share and I am hoping to share the many free seq that people were so nice to share with me starting next year. Merry Christmas and happy programing

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