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16x25 Pixel Tree Seqeunces


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Hey everyone,

First year to the pixel tree and running S5.  I am so overwhelmed by the whole process.  Bought the tree and then paid to upgrade my license to the pro version and then to the newest version.  Then was reading somewhere I needed to upgrade my Superstar license to be able to save anything that I do.  I am upgraded my license on that but it says I am only licenses for 400 and need to be licensed for 1200.  That appears from what I can tell to be a pretty spendy jump. Then had to find out that my older controller isnt compatible with the Enhanced network and just had to have a new USB network adapter shipped in.  Got it all up and working today just dont have the time right now to try and figure out how to make the tree sequences.


Here is what I am asking, if you have any Pixel Tree sequences for a 16x25 tree that would be awesome.  I will then make a sequence for my lights off of that.   I will also list the songs that I currently have in my show if you have nay  of those thats even better.


Thank You in Advance


Tim Zoesch




1. Angels We Heard on High

2 Let It Go Frozen Official Song

3. Space Jam Remix

4. Manger 6

5. Amazing Grace - Techno

6. Carol of the Bells- Monique Danielle

7. Silent Night - Cinnamon

8. Do you hear what I hear - Sprialing

9. Frosty the Snowman - Dean Martin

10. Christmas Eve Sarajevo - TSO

11. Joy to the World - Go Fish

12. Reflection of Earths First Movement - Royal Philharmonic

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