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Alternating individual pixel colors static or chase


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I would like to be able to give pixels  R-W-R-W, or R-G-W-R-G-W, or multicolored look. I would like to make this static, or run as a chase. The Marquee effect does not work because I have horizontal, vertical and diagonal house outlines. This effect needs to be pixel number based, just like a test pattern on my controller. 

Is there any effect to do this in S5?

I have not used superstar, has anyone done this in super star? I assume I would manually assign a color to each pixel?

Any input appreciated.



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For a 'Static' R-W-R-W, or R-G-W-R-G-W I wouldn't try to do it in the (I forget what the new setting is called) but rather I would simply program in the regular channels of the Sequencer.

For a chase you could do what we've done in S4. Define the colors of your chase in the first row/pixel, then use the Chase command to chase that color sequence across the pixel device.

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You could also break up the prop in the design into different sections (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, Etc.), then use the "Lines Vertical" or "Lines Horizontal" depending on the way the strand sits.  Put all the sections into a Group when you don't need the effect to be so specific.

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