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Pixcon 16 Suddenly Gone from Network Config


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I have been using this controller for 3 years now, and when I booted it up the first time this year, I could access it. Now for some reason I can't anymore.... IP is default

What might have happened? Status LEDs are solid inside controller, and network is flashing yellow.

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IPv4 set to Static

Subnet at

Nothing on Default gateway.

DNS is all blank. 

Factory reset ip on controller to ensure it didn’t change. Wireless adaptor disabled on pc. 

Didn’t change any of the following, but still:

Comm Listener Port: 8837

Ex of settings:

Unv 2 - Adaptor

Protocol - E1.31 - (Multi-cast) - Port:5568

Still no luck...

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I have comm if I remove power from the 2nd bank, 9-16. Each bank has its own dedicated power supply and reads 12.0V at the controller.

Also, whenever I remove power from the controller, it loses ALL of its config settings.

Possible problems?

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