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Using instant sequence for thirty columns but it only goes to 24

Greenlee Brittenum

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I have an odd size matrix on two columns in front of my house. They wrap on three sides, so each column is 15x27 and I have the matrix setup to be 30x27. But instant sequence only goes up to 24. Is that the standard or is it because I have a 24 ccr license? I would like to use instant sequence on them, so if I need a bigger license I can certainly get it. Please let me know what the answer is.

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It is not related to your license. Instant Sequence always has a limit of 24 rows. However, if your select the movement to be "up same column" or "dn same colum" effects will move to all the rows.

But even better, would be to use the new "Auto Sequence" feature. It is more versatile and does not have any "row" limits. There is a video tutorial on it. Go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Tutorials and PDFs", the superstar tutorials are near the bottom. Look for "Auto Sequence Introduction and Preview", it is second from the bottom of the superstar section.

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