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CCR Tree Distance


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When erecting my tree, my questions is from the base of the pole how far out should I go and how far apart should I have a the strings apart. I am using a star on top.

Also has anyone found anything else besides conduit or rope to attach there lights to?


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My ccr tree has been up for eight years my pole 18 ft tall 2in dia / Dom tubing.  My strips are on 1/16 wall 1/2 square steel tube

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I'm not entirely sure what you are asking.  I have my tree perfectly vertical.  I have the spacing of the strings so that the outer row of lights is exactly aligned with the outer sides of star (the picture below should that statement make sense).  I take advantage of that in sequencing, but that only works because my star is pixels that are individually controlled - as opposed to just six channels for six rings of the star.  I built the structure of the tree out of Unistrut in an A frame rather than a central pole. 


My tree (in this photo from several years ago) is square pixels rather than strips, so my mounting arrangement likely does not apply.  In this version of the tree, I used 3/4 inch PVC pipe that was split in half lengthwise.  Then drilled 600 holes in the 12 strips and inserted the pixels into the holes from the back side.  it worked well.  At the top of each strip, there is a hole in the PVC that is bolted to a wooden piece.  The strips were then covered in clear split loom wire molding.  Seen from several angles:




At the bottom of the strips, I used a turnbuckle to hold a little tension on each strip:


Note that the strip was rotated from front facing for this photo because of the direction of the sunlight.


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Hi, I bought a similar star from Superstar with the drop down piece for attaching the conduits with the CCRs attached. Do you put the ribbon lights all of the way to the top of the pole so the middle of them is a bit higher than the light strips on the ends?  Just want to make sure the lights aren't attached so they are straight across.  Will the sequences look right with them arched in the shape of the star? Thanks!

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