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Mega Tree Pole keeps breaking


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Hard thing to look at  not a good feeling at all   i don't use guide wires  i have 2'' x 20ft  ratcheting  straps in the back of the tree and 2x 1'' in the front of the tree  can make adjustments easily, you can still see it no interference ,the stakes are 3 feet long with a 1/4 inch plate welded to the side of the stakes with a hole for the hook plus 4 handles welded to the tree itself  for attaching upper hooks   then there is a plate 1/4 x2 feet  with a 14 inch 1'' heavy duty pipe welded to the plate  also welded to the plate are  6-  1''nuts with  12'' stakes driven into the ground have not had a problem , we had a week of high winds 80 to 100 km an hour  everything stood it's ground 

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18 hours ago, dibblejr said:

Daniel- Sorry that happened to you. You know it happened to me last year during take down so I replaced the tower with the winch straight up 20’ tree and it worked like a charm. I was able to add some lights that I had run out of after replacing all the broken strings.

My hook head broke in 2017 and I had a mess and guy wires cut about 1/3 of my strings.


Glad it didn’t hit That pretty home and more importantly you wasn’t on it.


I remember the issues you had. No fun. You are correct - I only cried for one hour. Then started counting blessings. 
Didn’t hit house. 
Didn’t hit a/c unit. 
Didn’t hurt lights, controllers, cords, cat5s. Just the center pole. As per the short video above, everything still was working - just on it’s side. 

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out in the country for my mega tree I used 3" round galv conduit it gets hit by high wind it goes down in to a sleeve in the ground this is its second year but this year is was hit by some bad bad wind it held but freaked me out next year im using a telephone pole I already have just for the keeping my sanity factor and will relocate it under the peak of the pole barn to help block wind from the direction it usualy comes from


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