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LAST TOPIC (I promise, until the next one :p ): Wiring a switch or timer to the MP3 Director


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I want to use the MP3 director with my display and I believe it is correctly wired and uploaded etc...

I know that it needs a timer or switch to actually run the display, so my question is this...

If I use a solar timer, or something similar, do I make a plug end to go into the timer, and then leave the other end bare wires to tie into the director?

I can't seem to find that part of the diagram.  I imagine it is as simple as that, but want to be sure 

Thanks all

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1 minute ago, Speedster said:

I use this 12V wall transformer with my MiniDirector (which is indoors) and plug it into a timer that is set to go on at 4:00 pm and go off at midnight.


And with that, you don't need to put anything into the push connectors (if that's what they're called) on the director itself correct?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "push connectors", but on the back end of my MiniDirector the CAT5 cable is connected, and there's another small cable that connects the MiniDirector to the FM transmitter that came with the ShowTime Central package.  The MiniDirector and FM transmitter were already connected to each other, I just had to connect the CAT5 cable to MiniDirector, then when the 12V wall transformer arrived (ordered separately) I connected that to the MiniDirector.

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I've never seen a "solar timer", I have seen timers that use a photocell {CdS} to turn on/off 120VAC power from a built in outlet or several outlets, depending on the model.  Is this what you're calling a "Solar Timer"?  If not, could you post a link to what you're attempting to use.  That would help us determine if it's usable or not with what you want to do.

The Directors require 12VDC constant power to operate, some get it from the nearest controller via the Cat5 Cable{I think it's 9VDC via the Cat5}, if you want to use a timer, you need the 12VDC adapter that LOR sells for the Director units and plug that into the Director,s power input jack, then plug the adapter into a timer that outputs 120VAC to the outlet the Directors adapter would be plugged into.  Then it'd be on from sunset to sunrise, unless the timer has a clock that can be set for time durations daily or weekly.

As it is, I'm not sure what you're trying to use and how you're attempting to connect it to the Director, as those push ins, if I'm not mistaken. on a Director those may be for adding a trigger{s} to possibly start an animation sequence or to turn on something other than what's happening in the show.  Although I'm not sure about this on the Director.  Most often that's what these would be for.  I'd have to pull up the docs on the Director to be certain, but I don't believe those are power inputs and if you apply power through them, you may end up destroying you Director unit.

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