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looking for sequences below please


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Christmas in Dixie b y Alabama

begging to look a lot like Christmas bye john mathis


let it snow by dean martin

I have found them on other web sites but the timing is way off I have also tried to go in and change but can not get it to wear it needs to be I try all the options I have till I need help it would be greatly appreciated        


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Have yhou tried "skewing": the tract.  It's an option under the SE "edit" menu.  Allows you to move the tract left/right to better match the music.


You also need the same song verions that the sequence was built for.  Song and sequences length needs to be withing a second or two.  If there's a considerable time difference between the two, no amount of skewing will help.


Check sequences length via the "edit" menu choice to changing totlel sequence length.  IThis will list the current sequence length. You then need to check that you song version is close to that time length. 


Some song have numberous version and thus, lenghts.

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