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S5 Suggestion - Mark on Timing Line that follows Cursor


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Is it possible to make a mark that follows the cursor on the timing line. It would make it easier to line up effects when effects are being added/edited at the bottom of the page.

Rough animation to show what I am talking about.

or is this something already there? that I don't have on?




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You don't have your waveform turned on; it shows on there.  See at 00:42.50 in the image below.  Apparently I can't take a screenshot of my cursor. Trust me :)


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I realized what you are explaining, not long after my original posts.The timing mark is there when using an audio file. However I was testing a prop with  70+ props, and groups in an animation file. I was making changes in the design editor, then opening a new animation with the updated preview. I was testing groups that were way at the bottom of the list. I had keep scrolling up and down to find the placement of the selected box. I just thought it would be nice to have the timing mark available in an animation file also. I suppose the work around is to open a musical file and have the timing mark available.


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