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How do I get the signitures with The LOR thing in it

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For a LOR one that says "official LOR user" and the number of channels copy this into your signiture box:


Then replace the "064" with your number of channels Eg. "008 , 016, 032 or 200+ when you have more then 200. Always make sure it is 3 numbers long.

Also, the way I posted it is wrong, do not put a space between the two.

Should appear like this:

[img]code # 1 [/img][img]Code # 2[/img]
No space between^^

If anyone has the codes for, Dlights, Al, official 100k light club, the official wireframe, inflatables and blowmold culbs please post them here.


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They are just stashed away deep in one of my sub folders... It doesnt really effect anything, but if I didnt host them then there would be a different link for all of them, this way they are all the same except the number oif channels.


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Go to Rhema.org, look a the christmas lights or look on youtube. All your going to find is static displays. I'm taking the long tube (walk bridge) you'll find and putting 123 channels to 54,000 lights. The rest of the channels are on 14 big oak trees with 14 big snow balls in the trees. I have a mini display set up in a warehouse, just got it going today. Two songs to TSO so far, looks so good. If your in the area before November look me up.

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I uploaded images to my fotki account
I don't really use it for much


Substitute the number you want for 008
Above looks like this:


hmmm...the names seemed to change on upload....I'll try again

Seems like only #8 changed
Most are 016-th instead of the -vi
032-th etc

Weird, because they are all saved the same on my hard drive
But at any rate another copy

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Ok, I went ahead and uploaded the pics. I did a little renaming so....

The base url is...


/siglor.gif --- Light-O-Rama
/sigal.gif --- Animated Lighting
/100k.gif --- 100k lights club
/sigdlight.gif --- D-Light
/wframe.gif --- Wire frame club

The channels are also renamed...


Ok, I did not NEED to post them all, but It might clear up any miss-understanding. Also you could use http://tinyurl.com to add more text to you signature.

So if Zac stops hosting, or you want to have a change, feel free to use them off of my server.

--Daniel L

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OK... Hi Everyone... For some reason we have to have multiple threads for the same information... Rest assured the images are online in their original location... My hosting company had made a server swap and failed to route a couple of the sites correctly... mine was one of them... If you look at the date of Daniels post it was well after the images were working again... Again the official sticky thread is in the Dasher's Diner Forum. The directions are still crystal clear and the images work fine.. I think we can all agree we don't need several different locations or directions for this same procedure... For a quick link directly there- How-To: Signature Images

P.S. As well lets keep things like this out of the Vendor forums since this isn't something that is operated by them.. As well as it just looks cleaner...

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