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Super Star sequence for old controllers into LOR S5


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Whats the easiest way to bring a SuperStar sequence into S5 for older controllers that don't support enhanced networks?

I have created groups in my preview for all my old controller channels and then us a motion effect to open up superstar to create an auto sequence.  When I try to create a play back file I get an error that the network contains motion effects and must be enhanced. The motion effect row is causing this and I need to know if their is an easier way to bring over non-motion effect superstar sequences than exporting to sequence file then copy and pasting into each channel. 

Sorry if this sounds confusing. I am using a couple older 16 ch controllers in my show, I have 2 networks. My first is for my older controllers and doesn't support enhanced, 2nd is for all my newer CCR's and CCB's and is enhanced. Everything works great and my show from last year is up and running but I am wanting to add a few new musical sequences and when I use superstar to auto sequence for the older equipment on my first network it cant be on a motion effect row. I would think that I am not the only one that still uses older equipment and upgraded to S5 for the new features. I must be missing something. 

Thanks in advance for your help.  

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