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Show Freezing Crashing Noooooooo!!


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Question good people... Show running wonderfully and sometimes about 1-2 hours into the show I start getting errors.. can't load sequence.. memory event.. etc... then it starts skipping sequences and slow to load.... but ran killer before.. I'm thinking of going back to 4.24 version.. running newest now.... Anyone ever had that happen? New computer too..

Please help!!

11-29-2018 10-12-47 PM.jpg

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Right click on the LOR light bulb in the system tray, and there is an option labeled “Show Player Memory Restarts”.  Make sure that is checked.


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Oh!  Actually I recall having this problem at Halloween last year (2017).  I didn't figure out what specifically caused it to fail, yet I fixed it by experimenting and changing my sequences and settings in the show editor and the problem when away.   Never had trouble after that.   I added more songs this year and was worried the problem might come back when adding them to the show editor, yet it didn't.  And I am now on V5.  Still a mystery as to why it occurred.  That was with Version 4 LOR.  I assume other reasons might cause that, but I can't think what they might be.

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