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Channel layout is different from song to song


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I am trying to convert my sequences over to S5. I got one song setup the way I wanted it. But if I use the same preview and open another song, it is taking some of my props out of groups. So basically I have to redo all that every time I open a sequence. But I thought once the preview was setup, it stayed the same for every song as long as you used the same preview? I also have go recreate the group for the pixels that I’m putting on the roof (first year with pixels). 

Also is there a way to change the cursor from the pencil?? I feel like a normal cursor would help out a lot since everything uses that. Thanks 

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The Preview is a way to setup your props with the look of your yard (arrangement) with the controllers assigned to those props. A Preview also has the information about every props controller, Unit ID, Network, etc. It is confusing until you understand that the Preview you created is only a representation of what is in your yard. That Preview when loaded the first time into a NEW Animation or Musical Sequence will always show every prop individually and every group you have in the Preview. A Preview is different from a View.

A View is a way for you to arrange the props that makes it easier for you to sequencein SE. If you want a custom look in your grid (what you see when your sequencing), then setup your grid with Views the way you want to see it, then export that grid. If you save the sequence with those views, then it will load the same way next time you open the sequence.

When you open a New Animation or Musical Seqeunce, Import the View you exported and you will see the props the way you had the grid setup.

A short tutorial to explain it visually.

Note - I hab a colb, feel like crap, so there are some typos that got be me. I'll reupload a corrected copy later.



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Thanks Alan.  That will help as I have never figured out multiple views in S5.  Let's see if you can answer this one.  Some of my sequences do not give me the option of "Reset Displayed Props and Groups" and "Append Items to View".  Any idea how to get those back?

Second is a speed question.  Watching this video, I was floored at how fast things were happening..  My sequencing computer has almost the fastest CPU and video cards that you can buy - it's a high end gaming computer.  I open even fairly small sequences and wait 30 seconds with the spinning wheel (large sequences will be several minutes). Apply an effect and again wait 30 to 60 seconds.  Is there a setting somewhere that changes how Sequencer processes commands that speeds it up?

Hope you feel better soon.


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As explained in the gif below (in case it's to fast to read) It would appear that the options of "Reset Displayed Props and Groups" and "Append Items to View" are not available because it is the Preview, not a user created view. This actually makes sense to me, any editing done on the "Show All Items" view should be done in Preview Design. If you notice on my Groups I prefaced them with 01, 02, 03, etc. This was a way for me to try and organize my props in the Preview. Once I understood Views, this was not necessary. (still handy though)


As far as speed of the effects, the views inTutorial did not include all my props, thus it was quicker to render them. I don't really see a slowdown until I am well into a sequence with a ton of motion effects. then I experience what you describe. The effects added in the Tutorial were also just simple On/Off with color effects.

Some of my sequences with a lot of Motion Effects take about a minute and a half to load. The Witch Doctor sequence below, is one of sequences that takes a long time to load and edit. It's pretty much all Motion Effects with a couple of SS efects thrown. I have learned some things in S5, that will help me tighten up it's sequencing, but I know I'll need patience when I edit it.


My editing pc is a fews year old, but still plugs along.




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