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Preview light show using SE


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I just upgraded to Basic Plus S4 because I added 2 more controllers for a total of 3 now.  I am setting setting everything up and playing with my sequences but I cannot preview the show from the computer. I am able to create the show to an sd card and all of the controllers/lights work.   I know last year I could "Play Sequence" and I could preview the light show so I am not sure if it is the upgrade that I just do not have a setting clicked or something else.  Any advice?  TIA

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Your profile says your using 5.14, but you posted in the S4 section.

If you are using s5, then try this.

You must have your controllers hooked up, Control Panel running, indicated by the red light bulb in the task bar. Open SE, and click the Control Light Tab (right side of screen) load file, should work.




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