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11/27 Status - we are still swamped

LOR Staff

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We would like to apologize that we are slower than we like to be on tickets and phones today.  

Between late Saturday afternoon and this morning we received over 250 help desk tickets, and the phone is ringing non-stop.  We have all hands on deck, but even so we are overwhelmed at the moment.

The last time we were crushed like this was last year when a TV show promoted our products to the DIY crowd (I don't remember what channel).  If you have seen something over the weekend with LOR products, let us know so we know who to blame! :P

We are working as hard as we can to catch up.

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Today is no different than yesterday unfortunately.  We apologize once again for being a little slower than normal.  Overnight we received more than 200 tickets, and the phone is still constantly ringing.  

In order to speed things along, please have as much information available as you can however you decide to contact us.  Please include information like order numbers, license numbers, types of equipment, software used, etc depending on your question.  

If you are calling in with a technical issue, PLEASE have your equipment ready for troubleshooting.  We can not effectively help you on the phone if you don't have access to whatever the issue is, and we will ask you to call back when you do.  If you can't be in front of your computer with your equipment instead open a help desk ticket.  

Please know that even if you call in and have equipment ready, we may refer you to printed instructions/checklists/etc. Sometimes it is more effective to have you follow written instructions freeing us to help someone who has an issue not covered by our documentation.

We ask that you do these things not for us, but for your fellow decorators.  The faster we can diagnose and fix any issue, the faster we can help the next person.

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Friday Update:

We are finally able to catch our breath!  Things are still incredibly busy, but we have much better response times on tickets now and we are able to answer a few more calls.    The one exception to this is poor Matt.  He is still swamped with S5 Sequencer issues - which is to be expected the first year a new software is out.  Matt is also dealing with some very serious issues in his personal life which are further constraining his time.  Please know that he is doing his best to get back with all of you.   

To the 99.99% of you who have contacted us in the last few days/weeks: Thank you for your patience!  We try our best to go above and beyond during this time for you. 

For that other  .01% that like to 'kick the dog' so to speak - remember, we are humans and you get MUCH better service if you treat us that way :).

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