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Missing Files : Bugs and Suggestions


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Bug reference: 5.2.2 PRO

Scenario (1) :

I think I found a bug in the "Missing Files" check. When I originally brought this up during the BETA, the purpose was to check for SS and JPG files referenced in the sequence. You added media files as a bonus, however, for media I don't think it is working correctly. I moved all my 'work in progress' sequences from there to my production folder. Got the flags for missing files and fixed them. Even the media appeared to be correct. I then used the 'create playback files' and all appeared OK. I then created a show and ran it. Most of the sequences failed citing Windows Media playback failure.

To fix the issue I simply opened the media file under sequence re-selected the media file, saved and recreated the playback files and all was good. (but 50 sequences later, most with matrix and mega trees, this is a pile of time for this hidden gem created.)



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