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DF08 Timestamps within LOR Channel Config Export


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My last bug report wasn't really a bug. This time I think I have one. :) This issue has tripped me up multiple times.

I would expect that when you Export a Channel Configuration, that the timestamp would reflect the current date/time of the export, if you are saving the export using the same filename. It doesn't change the timestamp within the LOR "Export Grid Configuration" window. The timestamp stays the same (file creation date / time), however the timestamp does (last saved) appear correctly in Windows system directories.

If you Export with a New filename, then it exports with the correct timestamp as expected.

This has been going on since 5.0 came out, and I 've noticed it before but never figured out what was actually happening. I notice it because I have a windows directory open and the same time (on another screen) and the files timestamps do not match.

Or is this something that is normal?

The gif below shows what I am refering to.





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