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Preview Design : Bugs and suggestions


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Bug reference: 5.2.2 PRO

Scenario (1) :

Image reference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iwue1uhn199iej9/20181125 DMX additions.png?dl=0

I typically name my props with a reminder as to the channel in the name. This helps with sorting, debugging and so forth. In a previous preview I saved a prop so that I could import it into a new preview without having to re-create it. In the old preview it was named "(DMX 03 #004-004) - Stage : Little Plane". {aka DMX 3 channels 4 thru 4 - name}.

When imported into the new preview I needed to change it to channel 10 thru 10 because in the new preview I now have something else on channel 10.

Using the import S5 prop wizard I bring it in a "set channels" and modify the name. I then save it. It however appears in the prop list between (DMX 03 #004-004) - Stage: LASER POWER and (DMX 03 #005-005) - Stage: Jetpack Santa. This is the logical place if the tool chooses the position based on the OLD prop name.

My work around (and what is reflected in the image reference) is to re-export the prop with the new channel information. Delete it from the preview & re-import it, where it is positioned correctly.

Ideally it would be useful to be able to move props around in the preview file, but I'd settle for the position being set by the NEW prop name.



Scenario (2) :

Image reference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rd2shsj5wdp2s6d/20181125 Layout.png?dl=0

To be fair, this one isn't really a bug - more an annoying UX. As you can see by the layout, I have props on top of each other to represent the layout as best I can. Some of these props are images like a spiral tree. I sometime can spend 2-3 mins adjusting a layout for the right visual representation. I then may accidentally touch a bulb or string in the spiral tree (or other prop), I then move that bulb or string. I then spend 10 mins trying to re-insert that bulb or string into the prop so it is now correct. PLEASE add an undo button. Often I opt to ditch the 2-3 mins of work and re-open the preview and start again as it is quicker than spending the time fixing the bulb or string.


Scenario (3):

This one is an idea. I have a LASER in the display with about 1 dozen animations that I have saved locally to it.

To call any particular animation, I have to use 4 DMX channels.

eg. say I wanted the running santa animation. I would use DMX 3, channel 1 at 255, channel 2 at 60, channel 3 at 2, channel 4 at 1.

eg. say I wanted the jumping santa animation. I would use DMX 3, channel 1 at 255, channel 2 at 79, channel 3 at 2, channel 4 at 2.

It would be good to save the running santa and jumping santa as props. This way it makes sequencing easier. Right now I have to adjust the intensity across multiple channels for 2 seconds of animation. I tried to do this in the design preview but it generates channel conflict warnings which you have to fix before it lets you move on.



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Thank you for all of the feedback!

#1 will be fixed in the next release. Another work-around is to simply rename the prop after the import has completed.

#2 there is already undo/redo in preview design -- the buttons are on the toolbar, or you can use the normal Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y keyboard shortcuts. It is documented here:


#3 is a good idea and something we will look at in 2019.


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