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running more then 100 lights on a pixie 16


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well i messed up again .... trying to run 3 strings or 150 lights on one channel.... just found out it doesnt run more then 100.... was reading up on "power injecting" so i bought a couple of "T"s so i can use 2 channels to power 1 string of cords.... is this the correct way to do it ... if so do i need to change anything in my sequence editor .... picture attached is what i purchased.... im not in to soldering so if i have to i got a few 25ft extensions and ill just split my 3 strings up


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You are incorrect.

The Pixie16 will run 100-170 pixels per port.

Read my step by step Pixie16 Configuration stickied at the top of this page.

It is all right there. The time it took you to research and find the pixel injection stuff you would have lights.

I believe I have replied to another thread you started or posted about the same problem and I gave you the same answer.

Folliw the steps 100% and if you need 100+ pixels per port while adding the device you set up the pixie in SE as a pixcon 16 giving it the same unit ID as you did the puxie16 while asinging it in the HU.


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man i swear for the love of me i cant get more then 100 pixels to go through one port .... i followed your instructions to the t until it got to where s4 and s5 differ .... i have my ports for 170 pixels but i get nothing after 100

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