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3 channels 1 prop Visualizer Help Pls


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Hello.   We are crunching late this season.  We got a good deal from another LOR user, so we now have 64 channels instead of 16!  Super excited.   BUT now I can't seem to get the visualizer to work, and maybe I'm not using it right.

So for this year (to avoid redoing the entire display in a weekend HA ha HA *sanity would be gone*), we just split our colors up to make use of the channels.  So the 1st one I was trying to do was the Arches.  Each art should be able to go from White, to Red, to Green.   3 Channels, one channel for each color.    This is how I have it set up in the Visualizer:    




But when I do a simulation the 3rd color doesn't show up (the whole prop just disappears).  But the 1st two colors seem to work (simulations changes it from white to red to invisible (instead of green).   Any tips on what I need to be doing?   





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