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Another newbie to Pixie II Ribbons - Ribbons NEVER Shut off


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Thought I'd try here before entering a helpdesk ticket...

Trying to add RGB arches to my 2 existing GEN 3 controllers from last year. So far, I'm only working with the Pixie II (haven't connected it to the other two controllers yet). I set up the Pixie II per JR's instructions. I created a sequence by adding a Pixie device and copying in RGB channels from another sequence into one of the sequences I used last year . Sequence Unit ID for the copied in channels matches Pixie Unit Id as set in HU and the added device in the sequence.

As soon as I plug the ribbons into the controller, they turn on full white and after a minute or so, they start to "flash" (on/off very rapidly) When I start the sequence (from SE OR a Schedule), the sequence appears to control the pixels (I can see some chases and some color changes) BUT any unused pixels remain ON full white and flash. The sequence starts with ALL pixels OFF for the first 2 seconds or so and the last 5 or 6 seconds (AND at several points throughout), but ALL pixels that should be OFF according to the sequence (channel appear black in SE and when clicked on show R, G and B as OFF) are ON full white and flash. It makes it REALLY hard to know if the sequence is doing what it SHOULD be doing. 

If I try to test them in HU and try to change the color I see a quick flash of color, but again, ALL unused pixels are on full white and flash. I can not turn all pixels OFF, even in HU. They remain in this all On white, flashing state.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated! If I can't get this straightened out soon, I'll just go with what I had last year. Frankly, we're not even going to be home for Christmas this year, so doing what I did last year would be OK and I'll fix it for next year. But this IS a nagging issue that eventually I need to figure out. 

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Your pixie2 may need the firmware update.

i am on cell and can’t see what version of LOR you are using.

If you google Light o Rama firmware updates it will take you to their page.

Scroll down to your pixie2 ccr controller and there is an asterisk - read that and if it applies install the update


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I updated firmware when I received it a couple of weeks a go but will check again to see if there's and even newer version.

LOR version is S4.4.0.

Thanks JR!


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I have the same problem with my Pixie 8. When I turn off RGB pixel console in HU the flashin starts. Brand new Pixie 8 purchased in October

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On ‎11‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 4:45 PM, scarcebigfoot85 said:

I have the same problem with my Pixie 8. When I turn off RGB pixel console in HU the flashin starts. Brand new Pixie 8 purchased in October

Sorry I just saw this. HOWEVER, I also JUST "fixed" it last night!

I took everyone's advice and bought a RED adapter. (Quick Shipping ---KUDOS to LOR!). I installed the adapter (and latest drivers from LOR site) and created a second network on Aux1. Fired everything up, modified test sequences to point Pixie II to Aux 1 and STILL not working...same issues (lights not responding, constant "twinkle", REFUSE to turn off except to unplug, can't control them at all through  HU,  can't tell if they're responding during sequences because they won't turn off even if the sequence says to, etc).

SO I re-flash the latest Pixie firmware. STILL no go. Then, on whim (because I'm at my wits end and about to give up on the Pixie for this season), I re-flash with the previous firmware. BINGO!!! ALL WORKING NOW.

It's been a long road. starting out with a bad ribbon was no help, either, but it's all good now!

I even figured out how I want to add the ribbons to my sequences from last year. Initial test makes me smile...and reduces my BP. 


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