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I have many S4 Musical sequences that I need to convert/import to S5.  I have opened several of the S4 sequences in S5 and they appear to work.  When I bring one over I select the "Import the block-style animation stored in the sequence" option.  On some of the S4 sequences, there were extra "lights' in the S5 preview that were not in the S4 sequence.  How do I remove (or add, if necessary) elements to the preview (See attached PDF... note one of the trees is missing an outline).  If I open the PROP DEFINITION, lights appear as stars in a single file, not arranged as they were in the S4 view.  The particular PROP is a "Singing Christmas Tree".... there are no "trees" in the PROP effect drop-down.  It would essentially be considered a "custom" prop. The PROP is made of single color LEDs, not RGB.  Is there an S4 style editor in S5??    trees.pdf


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Description of previews:


Modifying a preview is done in Preview Design:


There are also a couple of videos now on our Tutorials page that show a preview being created in S5:



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Thanks Matt.  I stumbled upon the PREVIEW window this afternoon but haven't tried to use it yet.  Busy trying to bring an S4 created sequence into S5.

I still have S4 installed on a laptop and will be using it this season.   Don't have time to work thru the S5 process to use it this year.  When I open an S4 sequence in S5 it changes all the CONTROLLER and CHANNEL assignments.  Very annoying and time consuming to correct it...

Thanks for your help.... enjoy the holidays. 

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