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Intenity Data Not Playing


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Hey Everyone!!

Well I started the season in my neighborhood tonight with a really great show!  The People passing by didnt notice anything but I sure have a large problem.  

Several of my sequences were created with PE (Pixel Editor) and have intensity files associated with the sequences.  However those sequences do not seem

to be loading the intensity files when playing the show :(  

Ive searched the forums and searched the net but cant find the solution.  Im sure its pretty simple but I need help.  All sequences were created on another PC

They were then transferred to a laptop that runs the shows.  The show computer is running S5 PRO.  I upgraded all the sequences and saved them as *.loredit

I the created the playback files.  Did I miss a step????


Please help



Playing from PC

Showtime 5 Pro


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3 hours ago, k6ccc said:

Is the LOR network set for Enhanced?  Enhanced is required for Intensity files.  BTW, the Intensity files have a .lid suffix.


OK....I thought this might have been the problem but no......  Network is set Enhanced at 500k  


3 hours ago, sticks4legs said:

When you create the playback files it creates two files.  Make sure both get copied over 

Yep the *.lid file was created and is in the sequence folder.  


Im at a loss on this.


I went back to my S-4 puter and played the sequence.  Yep everything is in working order and after the last track there is an additional track that says PE PROPS. in a teal blue color.

Copied the sequence onto a flash drive and put it in the sequence folder on the S-5 laptop.  When I copied the sequence I made sure I copied everything. *.lms  *.lms.lcs *.lms.lsv and *.lms.pe.lid

So I have everything


Now on the S-5 puter I loaded the sequence.  S-5 automatically upgrades the sequence....  When I play the sequence the *.lid portion does not play.  


I did verify that I did copy the original *.lid


Pulling my hair out trying to figure this out




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Let me explain what happens and how things should work, then I'll ask my questions.

When you open an S4 sequence in S5, it converts it to the S5 format. (S4 and S5 are different) Keep good backups of all your S4 sequences.  They are not backwards compatible.

While S5 is converting the S4 sequence, it will notify you of any issues. ie. mismatched channels, etc... Assuming you had none you are ready to add to the sequence, and/or save it in the S5, which will save it in the new format. The sequence will be saved with a .loredit extension. The .loredit file is the one that S5 Sequencer uses to allow you to edit. After you save the .loredit file, click File, then select "Create Playback Files", this create the files the show player needs.


During this time a .play.lms and a .lid file will be created by S5. The .lms file is the file that show player needs to run, the .lid file is the intensity file. Both of these files have to be in the directory that you are pointing to when you setup up your show.

An example would look like this

2018 Witch Doctor.play.lms  <- the play file

2018 Witch Doctor.play.lms.pe.lid <- the intensity file

Again, these are the only 2 files that need to be in the show directory.

34 minutes ago, trooperblazer said:

Now on the S-5 puter I loaded the sequence.  S-5 automatically upgrades the sequence....  When I play the sequence the *.lid portion does not play.

This is the statement I do not understand. What do you mean the .lid portion does not play? Are you saying that effects that were created in S4 pixel Editor are not showing? If so, are they in the grid in the converted S5 sequence? (meaning they play on the screen) and do not play in the show? If this is the case you may have Archived props that are not included in the S5 Preview. (Just a guess)

Sometimes troubleshooting these issue is slow and cumbersome with back and forth postings in the forums. I will PM you my email, and if you want you can send me the S4 .lms and .lid files and I will convert them and see what I can find.


It's late tonight and I am stuffed with Turkey so it's off to bed for me. I'll check for an answer in the am.

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Thanks for the help.  I Had to work all day yesterday and was in a hurried panic trying to get this up and running.  I decided to delete S-5 and reinstall s-4

Problem solved!!!


I will have to try messing with s-5 after the season when I have more time to devote to it  


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