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Simple Show Builder vs. HU


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Is there any difference in using the Simple Show Builder vs. the Hardware Utility?  Is the quality of the show the same?  I am using a MP3-G3 with two pro controllers.  I know that I can select a higher speed on the HU.  Is there a noticeable difference?  I am having problems selecting the days of the week I want in the HU.  The scheduler seems to be defaulted to daily at 5:00pm and ending at 10:00pm.  I only want Friday and Saturday but cant get rid of the start/stop times on other days of the week I dont want.  The simple show builder is simpler to use but I am concerned about quality of show.

Any help would be appreciated.

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4 hours ago, Brian Mitchell said:

You don’t schedule in the HU.  You schedule in the Schedule Editor  

Incorrect.  The OP is USING an MP3 DIRECTOR unit, this IS scheduled differently. 

You only use the Schedule Editor if running a show from a computer.

MP3 or  Director units as some may call them, these have to be programmed for Shows via the HWU MP3 tab or the SSB using the options for building shows ran from SD Cards in a Director unit {LOR 1602MP3, MP3/G3 Director or Mini Director}.  Shows are set from the HWU MP3 tab or by using the SSB program.  

Again the Schedule Editor has nothing to do with using any type of Director unit, the Schedule Editor is specific to Computer ran shows.

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