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Happy Thanksgiving! (Closed Thr. 11/22)


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We just wanted to take a moment and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  We are hopeful you have a successful start of this season!

Please remember the LOR office is CLOSED tomorrow 11/22/2018.  You should not expect replies to help desk tickets and the phones will be un-manned. 

We will reopen for normal hours on Friday 11/23/2018.  Friday is our BUSIEST day of the year, so you should consider using the Help Desk system rather than call.  We will be manning the phones 10A to 4PM EST (as always).  If you do get through to us, we suggest that after we help you that you immediately go buy a lottery ticket! :)  (Or maybe don't?  Maybe you used up all your luck getting us on the phone?)

Please please PLEASE remember to be safe during the season.  Not only be safe around ladders and electricity, but be smart about Drinking and Driving as well.  We don't want to loose any of you!

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