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Hello I'm new at putting up a ribbon tree 16 channel Lor pixie16 I,m running S4 with having some health issues and having to put a new well in (yard is a mess full of mud) I haven't much time to really learn anything. So I thought I would buy a sequence for the ribbon tree but have yet to get it to work sometimes half will work but know nothing works. I reached out to were I got it but never heard anything back and that was a month ago would really like to put this in my scaled down light display but running out of time.



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If you have two networks then you would be using Aux A. But if you have just one network then everything should be on the Standard network (also known as the regular network).

If you just have one USB485 adapter then you are using only one network. Change the config to use the Standard network instead of the Aux A network.

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Ok I go into the config and change to regular in sequence how would I change all unit after that I guess I,m to dense to figure this out but I do appreciate the help.

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If you have only one USB485 adapter then you have only one network. So we want to put everything on the Standard network. Do the following:

1) launch superstar

2) click on the Tools menu and select "Configuration"

3) In the Configuration dialog box set the following:

if you have a 6 channel star at the top then set "star in use" to "Yes" and set the Unit ID and first star channel for the star. If you do not have a star at the top then set "star in use" to "No"

In the Cosmic Color Ribbons section set LOR and set "Unit ID of First Ribbon Controller" to "11"

In the Network section uncheck "Auxiliary Network A" and change the range of the Standard Network to be "01 - 20"

Click on OK

Now when you export the sequence it will put the ribbons on the standard network.

If you have further questions let me know!

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I will try that tomorrow Brian I want to thank you for the help Its been a rough year for us me being diagnosed with cancer and then we just lost are well it puts a lot of a damper on our season I wasn't going to do  anything but the grandkid's asked if grandpa was going to put his light how could I Say no it might not be as much but something will be up even with a yard full of mud.

To you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.

William Turnwald

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Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Sorry for the health challenges.

The important thing is to enjoy the grandkids.

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