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I took a very quick look and could not find anything on this topic. If it is somewhere ignore this request.

I have displays in both my front and backyard. The front has a legacy network at 56k and a Enhanced LOR at 500k AuxA.

The backyard runs on a separate network Enhanced 500K AuxB.

Both the front and back have a 800 pixel matrix in addition to a number of other props. The backyard has 1 prop that is part of the musical sequence.

On a normal  "non music show" night, I run a show that duplicates the same thing on the front and backyard matrixes. I have a preview built that has all the front and backyard props in it. I run animation only sequences. Everything went as planned no problems.

On the nights that I run the full blown "musical show", i have the music playing and controlling the front yard lights and a different sequence running  the matrix in the backyard . To do this I created various musical  sequences for the front yard and a animation sequence for the backyard matrix. In the show player I have the backyard sequence set as a background sequence and the front yard musical sequences in the music tab. 

So now to the issue......When configured this way both matrixes were choppy and not keeping up, in addition to other props failing. I initially thought I had a  performance issue even though they were on different networks. After a bit of troubleshooting, I found that I had to create 2 different  previews for the musical show nights. One for the backyard that had the only backyard matrix in it  and another that had the front yard props and the 1 backyard prop used in the music sequence. . I redid everything and created new payback files and all is well.

I would have thought that this would work with a single preview file as I had no overlapping programming i.e. between the front and backyard matrixes.

I doubt many people would run into this but thought I would bring it up.

If that makes sense maybe there should be some additional documentation on this subject.


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Thats what I thought too after figuring out the issue. As far as I  know, I had no commands for the devices in the 2 different sequences at the same time, hence my post.

After I get everything running this week, I will go back and check for sure. It usually turns out to be my fault.

Perhaps a warning diagnostic would be nice to alert the person in case they make such a mistake. 

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