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So, I just finished up "The Greatest Show" from the movie The Greatest Showman if anyone wants it. 


Here's the channel breakdown in case anyone cares:


2 center channels (foyer window and door)

4 room windows UL, UR, LL, LR (UL = upper left, etc.)

6 ridge lines

1 bushes channel


Other items:

1 Snowman yard prop

2 yard trees

1 Singing Reindeer (four channels - nose, outline, open mouth, closed mouth)

12 channel candy cane pinwheel

8 channel spiral tree

2 8-channel fire sticks


As usual, you can substitute arches for the firesticks, mega tree for spiral tree, etc.  Please don't PM requesting I email it as I'm not on here very often - there is a link to it above.  Hope this helps someone.  Thanks!


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Oh, and if you need "real" singing faces, try hitting up James Morris' thread.  He sent them to me, and they looked great in the editor, but I couldn't use them because I only have a 2 channel mouth on my reindeer (open mouth, closed mouth), so I had to re-do.  Man, this song made that a lot of work LOL!  Very fast singing sections!

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