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switch or not


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3 minutes ago, Pioerpaolo said:

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask quickly, but a network with LOR1602, CMT, CMB and PIXIE16, I can use a switch to join them or do I have to go from one to another ??? Thanks for the reply in advance

On an LOR network they must be daisy chained, no switch.

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You connect them via cat5 cables, NOT switches!

  However some may need to be on a separate network or require higher speeds than some controllers can handle. 

I know the Pixie 16 can handle 1,000 {1K} speed, whereas other RGB controllers and Gen 3 CTB16PC can only go no higher than 500K.  And older units such as version 1 and version 2 CTB16PC controllers, can't go above the 56.7k speed limitations set in them.

So sometimes you will need different USB Rs385 adapters to connect to the controllers, and the adapter connects to your computer.

And DO NOT connect Cat5 cable from your computer ethernet/LAN port to a controller or controller to the LAN/Ethernet port on your computer, you may damage the controller, your computer or both.  Only connect the proper RS485 adapter via USB from the computer and then only connect cat5 cables to the adapter and then your controller{s}.

This is how they work, the cat5 sends the data commands from the sequence to tell the controllers which channel to turn on/off, fade, shimmer. twinkle or vary light output intensities from the sequence.  The cat5 also supplies power to some accessories, such as an MP3 Director unit instead of a computer, so no external power connection would be needed to keep the Director powered, such as an external adapter that could be connected to it.

This is why you NEVER want to connect any Cat5 cables directly to your Controllers from a computer or modem LAN/Ethernet pot, LOR uses a proprietary system in the way the cat5 cables are used between controllers, LOR RS485 Adapters.  That's another thing, you just CAN NOT USE any type of RD485 Adapter, you need the ones specifically from LOR to work, others could also cause damage to your controllers and computer, if connected to a LOR Controller and your computer, since, again, these are set as a proprietary system.  So nothing off a local electronics store shel or online seller will work.

Hope this helps.  If anything you don't understand, just ask.  All of us here on the forums will do the best we can to answer.

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thank you both, some things I knew, I already have the adapter RS48 5, I used it since the beginning of this adventure, I also bought the red one for high speed at 1k, I just wanted to leave the network cables on the boxes of controller, to speed up the work every year, that they always add new ones, for new ideas, not to have to open them every time to detach and replace them, but then I used the female female connector for RJ45, I hope this is fine.


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