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How do I change the GRID size

Paul Masterson

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Here is a picture of my screen, notice that the grid is on top of my tree and sideways (top of the tree is on the left side). How do I change the grid so that it:

1) is turned so the top is really the top

2) expanded so I can create effects that flow off the tree (To accommodate spirals)

3) moved to the side of my tree where there is wasted space

Thanks in advance

 *feeling like such a newbie*


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Excellent question.

1) Click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization"

2) In the "import visualization" dialog box:

   set the sequencing grid "Max Length" to 25. (You could leave it at 50 but settting it to 25 will get rid of the dark green unused squares)

  set "vertical"

  set "wrap around"

3) Click on OK and select the same visualization.

This should do the things you asked about.

Note that if you want complete control of the size and location of the tree and grid click on the View menu and select "Floating Windows". However, in this particular case the standard locations should work fine but there are other cases where it is nice to use "Floating Windows" especially for large displays and if you have two screens you can put the visualization on one screen and the sequencing grid on the other screen.

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