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What RGB to start with?


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I’ve been doing traditional set-ups for about 4 years.  Next year,   I would like to start incorporating RGB into my shows.  Maybe  a tree or two and some arches.  So the question is:  where the heck to I start?  

So far, I have 2 LOR Residential Series 16 channel controllers.  One is the starter package and the other is an add on. My software is for the Standard edition with SuperStar demo.  

Other than the actual lights, I assume I’ll need a different controller for RBG’s.  What equipment should I start with to get started with RBG?

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Sorry, tough non existing crowd today.

Where to start depends on your wallet and your time.

You will need the pro level license. It will be an upgrade for you. 

If you feel you must have SS starting out you will need at least 16 CCR’s. They do not come in only 16 so whatever the next level up would be the one to select.

If you buy the tree kit that will theoretically only run the tree. In order to add arches you would want to not build the tree or leave off a couple strands for the arches.

Or you can buy just the Pixie16/ Pixcon16 controller and build your own tree but there’s that monster called “time”.

I am on my phone so can’t see what software version you have.

IMO- S4 is the place to start since you will probably get faster responses to your questions. IMHO

To keep it simple you can buy the LOR kits - comes with controller (Pixie16) easiest and Pixcon16 adding a little more learning.

You will have to build the tree - about 16-18’ . There are a lot of us sharing ccr tree sequences to get you started. 

It is a little late seeing how I’m not sure LOR can get them to you, if you decided to buy.

Keep in mind you should also buy a red 485HS adapter. Most people do not know this.

If you do pull the trigger the Pixie16 is easy to setup if you look at my Pixie16 Setup Step by Step in the General Hardware section of the forum. It will be at the top.

As mentioned the pixie is the more affordable and easiest pixel controller to purchase.

Also keep in mind the wattage I prefer 12 volts.

The pixie will also communicate with your ac controller as long as your AC controllers are Gen3 so daisy chain them together once they are set up.

Hope this helps. Need more answers just ask. 





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