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TSO Tour last night

Wayne K

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TSO tour landed in Fort Wayne Indiana last night. Show was to start at 7:30 pm. I walked in the door at 6:15 to find all of the entry ways to the into the stadium closed. We continued to wait in the halls and the halls kept filling up. At 7:30 we are still standing in the halls. At 8:00 we are still standing in the halls. At about 8:08 or so they finally opened up the stadium so we could get to our seats. The show started at about 8:20 or so. They said they they had trouble getting to Fort Wayne because of the weather that went thru. The MC said they were 4 hours late getting here.

But as usual once the show started it was fantastic.


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Wow!  Quite a change in the story from prior years.  Completely enjoyed the show.  I was on the floor, 3rd row, 3 seats left of center.

Got a question that will only make sense to those that have seen the show.  What did you think of these lighting props?


I thought they were cool as all get out and thinking about how to replicate them - and how to use them in my show.

BTW, we all know that WE have technical issues, but TSO with their massive budget had some.  A couple of P10 panels were screwing up once in a while, and another P10 panel had two stuck pixels (red).  Make me feel better somehow...


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My best guess was a square rod of about half inch wide and four feet long with a 60 pixel per meter pixel strip on each side.  They were hanging from a framework and could be elevated from (wild guess) about 30 feet up, down to just above the audience.  The four pixel strips on the four sides of the rod had the same data, so at any given time, the pixels at any given elevation on the rod were the same.  The pixels on each rod were individualy controllable.  The elevation of each rod was also individually controllable.

There were four clusters of six rods almost over the front row of the audience, and maybe five or six rows back a single row of about 10 across the arena, and another row of them farther back.

Just above each rod was a box a couple inches wide and maybe six inches tall.  I assume that had the controller.  That may have had a battery and radio receiver as well because the cable that supported the whole thing just appeared to be a thin steel cable.

I thought they looked really cool!


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