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Sneak peak of my 2018 Christmas light show


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between working 50 hours a week and scrambling to get things done I am 98% of the way done still have a couple things left to do. Have to wire the neighbor's house to the controller that is linked to mine through easy light linkers. This year I decided to put the pixel arches on the roof and practice on my dumb RGB tree. that way next year I can convert it over to pixels and used dumb RGB somewhere else.

I took @Santas Helper idea for blinders and turned around my permanently mounted RGB floods to accent different parts of songs. The cell phone video does no justice. Those floods are freaking bright and definitely grab attention as blinders. Now I have to finish tweaking sequences during my lunch breaks this week because the floods were a last-minute add in.

But here is a sneak peek so far.

Special thank you to @james morrismorris

And to @dibblejr for the sequences this year I took parts from both of your sequences and modified them. I greatly appreciate all the help. 


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Tried using my wifes cell phone to video mine, but it just royally sucks at doing video.  I had a really good camera that could do this, but sadly it finally quit working quite a few months back.  So there isn't going to be any videos of my display this year.  Not until I can come up with another decent digital camera to take them.

I've tried the cheapo versions {$30-$60 range} and they just are not worth the cost to invest in one, tried a few of them and took every one back and got my money back on them.   How I miss my old Nikon Digital I used to use, that thing took awesome video.  I've worn out, hard to believe you can wear out a digital camera, but I managed to wear out 3 Nikon's and 4 Canon's, although they did last for many years, using them every day for all sorts of projects.  And only one did I ever get stolen, some goon broke into my pickup truck when I could still drive and broke the back window out, heisted my Railroad Scanners {2 of those}, Power cables, and a Nikon Digital Camera that were hidden behind the seat and covered up.  Never did get anything back that was lost in that theft. :(  Don't even know how they knew that stuff was even in my truck!



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