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Trouble running SE on laptop after using extended desktop display


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I've done some searches, but evidently I'm asking the wrong questions.

Currently running  SE PRO version 4.3.14 on an HP laptop to do all my sequence programming.  Usually I keep the laptop screen (primary display) reserved for just the visualizer display and my Win7 Pro folders view, and drag the main programming screen over to the extended desktop on a 22" LCD monitor (easier on these 'old' eyes).  Everything works absolutely perfect and no issues at all.

The issue I'm having is when I get to the site where my tree is located, I only have the laptop with me.  The laptop recognizes that there is only one display and all my other programs (Excel, Word, etc.) recognize that there's only one display and displays the program on the laptop screen.

Sequence Editor does not.  I open the program and nothing comes up on the laptop screen and it's obviously looking for some input (the open file dialog), but it's located 'off-screen' and there is no way to find it because the laptop limits you to the available desktop only.  In other words, sequence editor is displaying the dialog offscreen on a extended desktop that isn't there.

I really can't believe I'm the only person experiencing this, but I can't seem to find a thread regarding this anomaly.  I've tried updating display drivers and tweaking here and there, but nothing seems to get me back to where I need to be outside of 1) opening the editor with dual screens, 2) dragging everything back to the primary display, and 3) closing the program.  THEN when I open the editor again without the large monitor attached, everything shows up fine "in the field".

Any inklings at all on where I'm failing to check?  I have a hard time believing LOR isn't checking and error trapping this somewhere in the software.

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When only on your laptop screen (extra monitor not plugged in) try the following in Win10 or Win7.

Open Sequence Editor (give it plenty of time to open depending on laptop speed)

Hit the Escape (ESC) key to close the open file dialog (if that opens automatically still, you can turn that off)

Hold the the WIN key (with the windows logo) and use your arrow keys left or right to move the program onto your laptop screen.

You should then be able to move it with your mouse and re-size or maximize it on the laptop screen.

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Two clicks of the left arrow will move it far enough on my laptop to put it fully on the laptop screen (if your extended monitor is to the right when plugged in)

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