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Hazzards of a Cold Climate


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One of the hazards of a cold climate:





A few weeks ago, I had hung a couple of props off my rain gutters.  When I went to wire them today, I found that I had left the plug down in the gutter rather than putting it up on the roof.  It's been in the low 20's this past week so all of the water in the gutter had encased the plug in a solid block of ice!  It took almost 5 minutes to melt it out using my industrial heat gun.

Lesson learned - if you live in a cold climate, always make sure you leave your plugs on the roof and not down in the rain gutters!  😁

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Even though I don't have that issue, we do get a lot of rain at times, so I always use a small plastic screw down C clamp and a Child Proof Outlet cap to cover the female pass through, as well as the female ends if the strand has one and the use the C clamp to screw it to the side of my house or eave so that it stays out of water puddles and the outlet caps keep the interior female plugs dry as well.   just means I have to unscrew the c clamp {1 screw per clamp} to access the plug when needed.   But it beats having to try and dry it out, or in your case, have it embedded in a block of ice!

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I also use the child caps. I also use a plastic lighting Gutter hook (I have a few different styles) to place the plug (and the other end of the string) in a location less pron to puddles.

Someone poste a new Light clip (that also slides under shingles), which I bought 300... But they ALSO had lawn stakes (for C9 type). I found those also work to hold the plug up off the ground



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11 hours ago, rcktpwrd said:

That doesn't look like any fun at all!  😮

I also use the baby/child outlet covers on the upwards facing female sockets.

I also use the light stakes to hold all the extension cord plugs off the ground.


Yes, I use those light stakes too, the little green ones.  I use two to hold each end of the connected cords off the ground.  Been doing that for years, ever since I started using the outlet covers and the green stakes starting in my 2nd year of this hobby.

I've never had another issue with my GFCI tripping during even the hardest rainstorm that may crop up when my display is in operation!  I swear by those 2 simple little items. LOL

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