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If I copy a row o effects from an A/C prop and paste it onto a pixel row, can I then somehow change the colors of those effects easily?

I can't seem to ind anyplace that would let me do that. Also, seems odd to me, but it pasted in on the pixels as BLUE - I thought it'd be "on" and therefore WHITE.

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The difficulty depends on the color you want to change to. If you just want red, green or blue then it is easy, if you want other colors then it may be more then just a copy & paste as you have to mix. If you open the RGB channel so you can see the individual r, g and b channels then you just paste into the color you want. Some basic mixes are easy, if you want yellow then paste into the red and green and the pixel will turn yellow.

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41 minutes ago, jamills706 said:

I can't see the RG&B in S5 - I know how in S4.....am I missing something???

No. Matt is looking into adding it. That is what I am waiting for. Still got my fingers crossed.

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EDIT: I figured it out, thanks to another answer in the forum.  Change the toolbar color to what I am looking for, select the section I want to change, select foreground effects and apply toolbar effect.

I think this is pretty much my question as well.  We've recently upgraded some props (snowflakes) to RGB.  To get started, I am copying the old programming as is.  The old snowflakes were blue, and the RGB copies are blue, which works for a default.  However, I am starting to customize one sequence, and would like to change them to white, while keeping everything else the same.  This is proving far more difficult than I expected.  I want to keep the colowash effect, with the intensities that were set before, but I want to change the color on the colorwash to white rather than blue.

Any hints?

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Figured it out
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