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What is compress?


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Let me explain it.  A .lms file or .las file is a human readable xml file.  That makes it very inefficient for data storage and processing.  The Sequence Compressor, converts that file into efficient machine readable file that will be FAR smaller.  The primary advantage is that sequences load much faster when the slow plays.


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There is no point in compressing sequences until you are all completed sequencing.  So compress after sequencing is completed and you are putting together your show.  Note that if you have the "Use Compressed Sequences" option in the Control panel, the Show Player will open each sequence and if there is not a compressed version, it will create one.  If you have the show player set to not open files until needed, that can result in substantial delays the first time the show plays as it will open a sequence, create the compressed sequence, and THEN start playing it.  Better to either open the Sequence Compressor, OR export the compressed file from Sequence Editor.

Oh, I see you are running S5.  As I recall, the wording is a little different, but the concept is the same.


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