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LOR Audio Question

Sean G.

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I am new with LOR. I am 14 and I'm finished setting up my LOR 16-channel unit with RS 485B adapter.

I have sequenced two songs myself and I just bought two Insignia outdoor speakers and a receiver for my show.

I would like to know the best way to hook up these outdoor speakers. What kind of woofer do I need? My computer woofer seems too small.

I have Windows XP on a Gateway computer.

thank you!

LOL: LifeOfLights!

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Since you have the receiver/amplifier and the speakers all you need is a cable to connect the computer to the amp. You need a “Y” cable that goes from 1/8” stereo mini jack to two (Right and Left) RCA plugs.

Plug the 1/8” jack into the computer speaker output and the RCA jacks into the amp. Use the CD or Tape inputs as the phono inputs have preamps that will distort the audio.

You will have to adjust the output of your computer so that it doesn’t ‘over drive’ the amp and distort the output. A subwoofer really shouldn't be needed. Your speakers will be fine.

Place your speakers in a good location and test your system. It is as easy as that!

Now, get back to work sequencing! Christmas is only 127 days away!!! :]

- Dave

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply. I have another question.

So, I get a cable like the photo and plug one end into the computer woofer outlet, and the other end into the L & R speaker plugs? Right now the cable I have plugs only into one speaker outlet on the receiver. And the computer woofer won't allow me to plug in the second speaker.

I am also not sure exactly what cable to ask for at the store. Thank you again.

LOL: LifeOfLights

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A 'woofer' output only outputs the low frequencies which a woofer can handle and is connected only to a subwoofer unit or a subwoofer amplifier. You probably won't be using it at all for your display.

There should be a 'regular' output jack on the computer, probably labeled for a set of headphones or a set of external speakers. This is the jack you should be using to get the sound to your amplifier. The cable you need is a 1/8" stereo plug to 2 RCA plugs.

The 1/8" stereo plug plugs into the headphone or external speaker jack on your computer, and the 2 RCA plugs plug into the AUX or CD or Tape input to the amplifier. Do NOT plug them into 'speaker plugs' or you risk damage to your amplifier, or your computer, or both. Only speakers plug into speaker plugs.

And if you want your computer speakers and external speakers, they make a 'Y' cable which goes from a 1/8" stereo plug to 2 1/8" stereo jacks. So you would plug this into the standard output of your computer, and then plug the computer speakers into one of the jacks, and your 1/8" to RCA plug cable into the other.

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Thank you John,

I got a Dynex Mini-to-RCA stereo audio cable last night. But I think I have the incorrect cable.

For the two outdoor speakers, you are saying I would need one of these cables that would have one plug on one end (for the computer output) and four plugs on the other end - two each for each set of speakers. Is this correct?

thank you for all help. this is very confusing at first!

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If I am understanding this correctly, this is how you will make the connection from the computer to the receiver:

You plug the small end of the cable you purchased into the proper output on the back of your computer. It is usually marked with some sort of audio emblem and may be light green, or some other color. This would be the same output/input that you would plug a regular pair of computer speakers to in order to get sound out of it.

Next, the other end of the cable should be red and white. On the back of your receiver, you should have many red and white places to plug those into. The proper one will be labeled CD or Tape. You can use either one. Then, when you turn on your receiver, the receiver must be placed on the proper setting (CD if you plugged it into CD, or Tape if you plugged it into Tape on the back of the receiver). From the receiver, you should have a few different areas to plug your speaker wire into. The best ones will be labeled front, R and L. Plug one end of the speaker wire into those (1 for positive and 1 for negative), and then plug the other ends into the speakers. When you play your sequences, you should now hear it from the speakers. Also as mentioned before, turn the computer's main volume down to about midway first, then adjust your receiver volume. If not loud enough, turn the computer's volume up slowly until the optimal level is received. Otherwise, if turned up all the way, it will distort. I hope this helps!


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If you are going to run from your computer to the amplifier, and from the amplifier to outside speakers, then you should have everything you need already.

Sorry to confuse you by mentioning the way to drive both indoor and outdoor speakers. Forget about that until you get the outdoor speakers working, then you can worry about modification to the system.

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LifeofLights wrote:

Thank you for all your help everyone!

Did you get it working?

Like everyone has said the cable you got will go from your computer (speaker out, headphones plugin) using the single small end of your cable...... to your receiver (aux, cd, tape in) using the other end where there are two ends probably red and white.

Then your speakers will hook up to the speaker outputs on your receiver using speaker wire.
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I have another question. In order to plug the red/white/black cable into the receiver, it looks as though I need two of these cables:

one red/white for one speaker,

another red/white for the second speaker.

What part of the computer tower do I plug in the black end of the cable? This is where I am getting confused. I also just started back to school so my head is already spinning!

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