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UGH crunch


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Ok I started this way late my purchase of my first 2 controllers 10/19/18. 

I have over 50 minutes of sequences done. Thank you all for sharing.......

I’ve put my two not so mega tree up. Had to design and spend some time in Lowe’s to figure the material out.... They are getting tested tonight with 30 mph wind. 

My mini tree are strung and out.

The house roof is done. 

I have all the extension cords to cut. Just ordered another 500ft of spt1 wire. Realized I didn’t have enough.

As of tonight my 7 wire wreaths (3ft diameter) are welded up need to attach the lights still this weekend. 

Windows, doors and garage still need done. 

All that and still have not figured out the scheduler and show editor. 

Oh to add to it my wife wants a star. So heading to get more steal rod tomorrow to weld a star up. 

Also need to do rear breaks on her car this weekend some how.  

UGH I know now what crunch time is.....

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just finished modifying my coro arches so I could mount the 4 of them in front of the house, which still has to be done, have to get a lot of other decor out and secured as well.  Still have a ton of sequencing to do and now that's gotten to be a bit more difficult as I have had the retina partial detach from the reattachment surgery I had back in October 2002.  So now my vision in the right eye has a black band that scrolls across and when it does, it looks like I'm looking at stuff through a wavy watery atmosphere.  On top of that,. it has completey fouled my my depth perception and peripheral vision on my right side.  So getting sequences done now is going to be even more of a challenge, let alone getting the rest of the decor up.   And then I find my insurance doesn't cover eye surgery, so I'm sort of screwed on that score.

But I'll still manage to get things done, somehow, some way, but I'm not going to guarantee my sequencing is going to be on the mark with the new vision issues that just cropped up.   Glad I'm using S4, S5, I would have had to just call it quits and be done with everything since the sequencing screen is so dad-burn small.

So crunch time is even rougher for me now.  And this just happened 2 days ago, and it's been getting a little worse each day.  Really hoping things get up and done and things look good when I do.  But with my vision, I'm not sure if it's going to be even close to the mark on what I think it may be.   Ugh, what a week this has been.   Wish I still didn't have so much to do, but I never expected this to happen either. :(



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We always seem to figure it all out. I am 2 weeks behind adding RGB outlines to my to tall house. Drilling 1200 holes - even with a jig- is not going well. I guess the grey pvc conduit somehow flexes and some holes are about 180 degrees off. Yes the jig has a pin that holds the conduit straight so it has to be the conduit.

Figure I will just cut the conduit where the holes get off and realign and cemet with a coupler. Extra work. Then contractor to come hang the peak lights. Even to tall for a 100' JLG man lift due to a slight incline.

But as always we will manage to get up and running for Tday.

Best of luck to everyone.


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Got most everything up that was the most important,, then ran a show test to make sure I had everything connected correctly, and of course I mixed up a couple of channels and got them wrong. LOL    But was an easy fix. 

Show ran great, only one song looks like it needs a little more work, has a few too many blackout spots in it.  Other than that, everything looked great and got a lot of compliments from the neighbors that were watching the test run with me.

Now hope to add a few more songs, but won't get anything done Sunday at all, our Fall Festival is Sunday after church and goes until 9pm, so have to help work "Cowboy Church" as that's what there theme is every year.   So won't get home 'til around 10pm or so, then off to the shower and bed after all that.

Will share the songs I currently have done 1500 Pixel Channels and currently 48-64 channels on the CTB16PC Controllers.

Still got a few decorations to get out and another CTB16PC to get out and set up for those items.  IT NEVER ENDS.....  But I KNEW what I was getting myself into when I started this zany hobby. :D


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