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Tree Star and RGB Star sequencing


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I'm a new user. Trying to understand what I need and how it works before purchasing my needed license. Ive got a pretty good grasp of programming a Mega Tree in SS demo. Ive not been able to figure out out to program the Star. And an RGB star. What is active on the left side of the screen are just the 6 cells for each of the rings in the star and they are white only. Can't figure out how to get them into the sequencer. Nor can I figure out how to make the cells RGB? Thanks for everyones help!!!

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To sequence the 6 channel white star you add "scene" effects using the 6 cells on the left. Any sequencing you do on the tree or the star can be exported by clicking on the File menu and selecting "Export to Sequence Editor". You can then launch the sequence editor and open the exported file. 

To sequence the RGB star you need a visualization of the Tree and RGB star. Attached is the visualization. Download it to:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Visualizations / Editor

Launch superstar and click on "import visualization" and import the attached visualization.

The grid for the RGB star is to the right the tree. At first, the grid for the star will look strange, but the arrangement makes it easy to apply effects to any of the 5 tips of the star. You can use any effect on the RGB star, scenes, morphs, and smooth effects. You could do text and images, but they wouldn't look like text or images.



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Brian, I've been trying to work with this visualization file you sent me. Is it a 6 ring 270 pixel star? it looks to be 200 pixels?? how can I modify it to 270 pixels?

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The visualization I sent is for a 200 pixel star that uses LOR Unit IDs. Your 270 pixel star probably uses DMX addressing.  The attached visualization is for a 200 pixel star that uses DMX addressing.

The sequences on my website are designed for a 200 pixel star. If I gave you a visualization for a 270 pixel star then the 200 pixel sequencing in my sequences would not "line up" with the 270 pixel sequencing grid. So what I recommend is to use the 200 pixel star visualization that I sent and then my sequences will use the first 200 pixels of your star meaning that the first 200 pixels of your star will have sequencing and the 6th star (the outer star) will be dormant during the sequence.

Note also, that the attached visualization assumes that the first 200 pixels of your star are installed in the same order as my 200 pixel star. But the other customers I have helped that have 270 pixel RGB stars did indeed have the first 200 pixels installed in the same order as my 200 pixel star. You can verify this by going to my website at www.superstarlights.com and clicking on "RGB Star Purchase". At the bottom of the "RGB Star Purchase" page are two diagrams that show the pixel order of the strings. One diagram is the front view and one is the back view.


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