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Altering a SUP sequence to fit into a smaller physical matrix.

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If I have a SUP matrix sequence  that fits a matrix which is for CCB's 12  strands x 50 bulbs  but I have a physical matrix of 11 x 46. Is there a way

to get this sequence to fit the smaller matrix without losing data?  Or if not, is there a way to  center the sequence in superstar  so   instead of losing 4 pixels on one side, you lose 2 pixels on each side?  and one pixel line on the top and on eon the bottom instead of 2 on the top?



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If you have a fairly recent version of superstar there is a "move or scale selected effects" option. For example, in your case you can do the following:

1) launch superstar, load your sequence

2) click on the File menu and select "Save As" and save the file to a new name such as "mySequence_11x46.sup"

3) click on the edit menu and choose "select all"

4) click on the Tools menu and select "move or scale selected effects"

5) click on "scale" and set the following:

 source width = 50    dest width = 46

source height = 12    dest height = 11

This will squish the sequence into your new size. There may be some effects that don't look as good because they got squished.


If you want to just center the sequence then load the original sequence again, select everything and in the "move or scale selected effects" dialog box do:

select "move" and set left/right = 2

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Depending on the sequence it may not turn out as you wish. If there is a lot og images and words they may get cut off. It works well on some and no so well on others.

This was/ is a great feature though and if you take the time you can convert ccr trees to matrix and visa versa.

I tried to convert 24X50 matrix to 18X8. The colors and effects are great but images and words. Didn't work well. Most off the screen or missing edges. I ended up replace the images with the effects right before the image. Looks great. Its my tune to sign.

I have been using that feature since Brian put it out. He's a genius/ designer/ developer/ engineer of SS. And great fast tech support. 


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New user here...so if I have a license for 16 CCR, it works on pixels as well? and if i stretch the 16 strands to 100 pixels instead of 50, the 16 CCR license still works? Or would I have to get a 32 CCR license?

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Thanks so much for the quick responses. . I have an updated 40 CCR license so I am good to go. I am hoping that with only a few pixels on each side that it wont make much of a difference in term of how it looks. ,, Thanks


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