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Colors follow eaves.....


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On my house the sides of the house are visible rom the street because o the angle at which the house is built on the lot. So, I have strings o pixels running down the side as well as across the front o the house.

I want to make a line of color alternating between green/red/white move along that line o pixels from the back left towards the front---across the front---then back from front to rear along the other side.

No matter what effect I use, it seems to assign the pixels as it my whole house was a giant matrix...so the left side all lights up red, then green, then white...but the front moves across as I want it, then the right repeats the entire thing as red/green/white just like the left.


I have tried bars, spirals, straight lines...and many other thing....all seem to do the same thing. 

Cant' I make a line of light follow the actual length of the string of pixels???

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Two methods come to mind.

Make a specific group of those runs you want to use, when setting it up in the preview make sure you pick the correct arrangement/stack you are looking for or works for your orientation

Or go old school - add pixel level lines to each prop and then do a chase manually across them 




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Well - I had them all in a group, selected "Use Preview," and that was when I posted my question.

I can't really do it at the "string of lights" level because some of the strings "fold" around a corner....which means parts of the strings have to go front to rear and some side to side.

I'm not really certain what you mean by "pixel level lines" and chasing them manually.


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Right click on the prop, see the bottom row. Mine says remove channel level from Pixel Prop, you should be able view or add...sorry can't remember


You can then draw your desired effect on your first row and due a manual chase across the pixels individually.  In the example below I drew my pattern on Pixel 70 and then used the chase button across the rest of my garage eaves. You can see I didn't use my motion effects row.


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