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Can you program the pixel tree in Superstar like you do the regular CCR ribbons or does it have to be programmed in pixel editor?

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Yes you can. In S5 there is a ready made Prop for the 16x25 LOR pixel tree. To access it:

1) Click on Previews

2) Click on the green "+" button

3) In the dialog box that appears, click on the "Add" button

4) In the list that appears click on "SuperStar (online)"

5) Select the 16x25 LOR pixel tree and click on "Continue"

6) Right click on the motion effect row for the 16x25 LOR pixel tree and choose "Select" then "Row"

7) Right click on the selection you just made and choose "Insert SuperStar Effect"

8- When SuperStar launches it will ask if you want "wrap around mode" and answer "Yes"

9) Do your sequencing

10) Shut down superstar and the sequencing will be automatically saved into the S5 Sequencer

If you have S4, attached is a visualization of the 16x25 LOR Tree. Do the following:

1) Download the attached visualization into your Light-O-Rama folder / Visualizations / Editor

2) launch SuperStar

3) Click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization"

4) Select "Vertical" and "Wrap Around" mode

5) Click on "Ok" and select the visualization

6) Do your sequencing

You can do all of the above even with the free demo version of SuperStar. In other words, you can create and save sequences in the free demo version, but to export the sequence to play to your actual lights you will need the 8 CCR superstar license



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As mentioned in your other post

You will have to upgrade your software version to 4.3.14 or higher and pro to run the LOR Enhanced Network


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