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LOR wireless easy light linker & DMX


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Can I run my RGB 16 strand Mega tree off a wireless module? 

I have a ccr screen too and would like to separate them across the drive.

We currently run a LOR mega tree,  & Shooting stars off the linker.

Model RF-V5 LOR Easy Light Linker

Thanks Shelly

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Negative.  Most RGB products, notably those programmed in the Pixel Editor and SuperStar (and S5) use enhanced programming.  Enhanced programming is not supported over wireless.  Your options are to use only non-enhanced programming (dumb RGB fixtures) and standard LOR controllers, or create a wired link between those portions of your setup.  

Peruse through the Network Speeds page on the main website. You'll notice that the Easy Light Linkers are only capable of 19.2K-57.6K-115K network speeds, and do not support ELOR.  Your other pixel controllers, while they can use a "slow" network speed, require the use of Enhanced networks for data communication. 

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