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Merging Multiple SS Intensity Files for export


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I have a large SE sequence completed that I want to add two different SS intensity files, and I want to do this without destroying what I have sequenced. I see in the SS, Merge Intensity files and then Select intensity files to merge. These are .LID files, but when I do a search for the LID files, I do not find them from the latest 2 SS sequences. I must be missing a step somewhere. I have done this before but have forgotten the process and am getting gun shy as it is too close to Christmas Light Turn on

I have several other sequences in the same situation, waiting to merge multiple SS files into the LMS file

What am I missing to generate the .LID files to merge?

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Do the following:

1) launch superstar

2) open the .sup file to one of the sequences and do "Export to Sequence Editor" and export it as an intensity data file (.LID file)

3) do step 2 for each .sup file that you have

4) Select "Merge Intensity Data Files" and select the .LID files that you just exported, and it should merge them into one .LID file

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Thanks Brian

Do I export to a new sequence in steps 1 - 3 and not the existing sequence I want the SS props in? Just really gun shy, don't want to lose this work

I did 1 sequence the "hard way", exporting to a new sequence and then importing the config template and cut and pasted all the other props. It works, but not slick AND

Found an unusual issue. Prior to adding the SS files, the SE and Visualizer worked fine. Now, in order to use visualizer, I need to start the sequence and go to the Visualizer screen. The radio buttons at the bottom of the visualizer screen don't do anything. I am using 4.3.34 Pro

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Yes, export to a new sequence and give it whatever name you want, such as "WizardsInWinter_HorizontalMatrix"

Then export to another new sequence and give it a name such as "WizardsInWinter_verticalMatrix"

When exporting to a "new sequence" superstar creates an empty container .lms file but you won't need to ever use the empty container .lms file, you will just use the .lid file that it contains

As for the Visualizer radio buttons not working, I don't know why that would happen. If you want you can send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and I can arrange a date and time to remote into your computer and see what is happening.



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