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Dennis brok

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I want to build a ccr mega tree 

im thinking 48 or 62 strings 

it has to be stand alone and 

can i just get 3 or 4 16 ccr superstar kits 

and a G3-mp3 director 

can i then make them work like one big tree ? 


Or is there a better option to get it done ?  

ps this is a tree that will be placed in ouer town square so no extra lights or show elements will be used 

(sorry for my english im from Holland)




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9 hours ago, Dennis brok said:

Anyone time to help plz

Get 3 or 4 pre built pixie16's. Its gonna be a pretty heavy tree. You can daisy chain the pixie16's to get the 48 or more unit IDs.

You can use the mini director but limited to 1 network and that must be the LOR regular network. That means with the 48 strands you may max out that network. 

There are several ways to build the tree though



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