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I was wondering and hoping there is a way to change sequence file names? If there isn't a way to do so when you have the sequence open in the SE is it safe to change the file names within the folder the sequences are located? 


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Change away. Change it in file manager to anything you want, then reopen it.

If you prefer you can do a file save as to a new name, then delete the original.

If you have any shows saved, you will need to update them to the new filenames.

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Great, thanks!

If I go the "Save As" method will I need to re-link all of the tracks to the sequences? Not a huge deal by any means but it would add some steps to the process.

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Hint, when sequencing, save often and always save with a new filename.  That way you always have the older version after you realize that you made a huge mistake.  I use a filename with either date and time or more commonly the date and a revision letter.  For example:

Joy to the World 2018-10-26_1901.lms     or

Joy to the World 2018-10-26a.lms

In either case, I can easily KNOW which is the newer version.  Normally at the end of a sequencing session, I will upload the last version to Google Drive, and after I'm certain that I will NOT need to go back, I will delete all the intermediate files (keeping only the end of the day file).


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